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Purebred Beef Center


The Purebred Beef Cattle operation is one of the unique experiences which OSU can offer to Animal Science students and potential recruits relative to other universities across the country. The educational aspect of producing, promoting and merchandising genetically superior, high quality seedstock is a vital part of a program that continues to enjoy a national reputation for excellence in teaching, and an important factor that contributes to the outstanding quality of students and alumni from the OSU Department of Animal and Food Sciences.
The OSU Purebred Beef Center offers the most advanced and superior operation of any landgrant university. The facility offers teaching, research, extension education and marketing benefits to the students of OSU and the beef industry of Oklahoma. Unique to most purebred ranches, our center is employed by OSU students. 


The 41st Annual Cowboy Classic Sale will be held in an online May 1st - 3rd. We look forward to showing you this outstanding sale offering! As always, we are very excited about the sale and we have an outstanding group of cattle to offer, including the Champion Pen of 3 Angus females from the NWSS pen/carload show. 


The online female sale will be held on May 3rd on Breeders World sales. The bulls will be offered in the Express Ranches Grass time sale on May 1st. 


The catalog for the Cowboy Classic Sale is now available!


The videos for the Cowboy Classic Sale will soon be available.
Sign up for the 2020 mailing list to be mailed a Cowboy Classic Sale Catalog.


As OSU continues to place the highest priority on public safety, in consideration of the evolving COVID-19 situation, we have made the decision to have an on-line auction of the Cowboy Classic Angus females hosted on Breeder’s World on the weekend of May 1st and 2nd.  The OSU Cowboy Classic bulls will be marketed through Express Ranch’s Grass Time Sale in Yukon, Oklahoma on May 1st.  We appreciate our loyal customers and apologize for the delay but remain steadfast in our belief that this is the best set of cattle OSU has ever offered in a Cowboy Classic.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Bob Funk, Jarold Callahan and the entire crew at Express for their invitation to market OSU bulls through their Grass Time sale on May 1st in Yukon.  The OSU sale bulls will be available for viewing at the OSU Purebred Beef Cattle Center in Stillwater through April 29th.  Contact Jeremy Leister (405) 714 0557 or stop by at your convenience to see the OSU bulls.

Bulls will be transported to EXAR in Yukon on Friday, April 30th.

The OSU Angus females will be marketed through an on-line sale hosted by Breeder’s World with bidding to open on Saturday, May 1st and set to close on Sunday, May 2nd at 7 pm.  This offering of young pairs, donors, yearling heifers and fall born halter prospects is also available for viewing at the OSU Purebred Beef Center Headquarters in Stillwater at your convenience from now until the weekend of the on-line sale.

OSU will be mailing a Cowboy Classic Sale book in April which will include the female offering.  The OSU bull offering will be included in the Grass Time Sale book mailed out by Express Ranch.  Although this marketing situation is unique, ALL these cattle sell backed by OSU and our Breeding Soundness Warranty.

Please contact Jeremy Leister or Mark Johnson (405-880-1902) with any questions.  We will continue to post updates social media.

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